Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Cupcake Ideas!

Summer is here!  Well, it may not be summer until June on the calendar but the kids are out of school and the weather is sunny and warm!  During the summer it seems like there is a party or gathering every single weekend, sometimes several per weekend.  Now, I love a party so I'm not complaining!  I want to share with you some cupcake ideas to take to those summer parties...

My favorite summer dessert is Key Lime Pie so I thought I would turn that dessert into a delicious cupcake.

It's pretty much impossible to take soft serve ice cream cones to a party but when they are actually cupcakes it's a whole lot easier.  I baked vanilla cupcakes in cake cups and frosted with vanilla buttercream frosting.  To keep them upright while baking, I covered the cupcake pan with foil and made holes just big enough to hold the cones.

My family loves roasting marshmallows over a campfire.  I made these cupcakes to look like an actual campfire.  I dipped pretzel sticks in chocolate to make "logs" and actually toasted mini marshmallows with a lighter!  :)

 These s'mores cupcakes are a blast to make because I get to borrow my husbands blow torch.  Something about using a blow torch makes me feel kinda cool!  The cupcakes are graham cracker flavor.  On top of that is a layer of chocolate ganache and then I made actual marshmallow frosting.  So yummy!

I've got lots more summer cupcake and dessert ideas to share with you so check back soon.  I'm also going to be sharing some decorating techniques on Good Morning Live here in Boise on Channel 6 this Thursday morning!!  Needless to say, I am WICKED excited about that!  :)  I'll be sure to post a link here in case you want to see but you aren't in the Boise area.

Happy Summer!


Smalls said...

You are super talented!!!

marcibun said...

all of these recipes look great Lori. I'm going to try all of these, starting with the Key Lime :)

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